Funding or Refinancing

Whether you are trying to optimise your debt, looking to finance a new project or need breathing space after a lower-performing period, we can help you craft the best financing solution to help move your business forward. Mallorca has assembled a team of advisors sitting at the highest level of global financial institutions. These top-notch experts are there to serve our clients to find the best solution, cost-effectively and productively. When clients contact Mallorca about a financing requirement, they receive a wealth of information that can help them get moving on their project: * Identify the institutions that are most likely to look favourably at your case and provide the most competitive rate. * Get introduced to the right customer relationship managers through our experts. * We work with you to prepare for the process of financing or refinancing the business and put together the application dossier. * Support in the negotiation process.

Opportunity Identification

Our network of connections means we are the first to know of opportunities not yet listed in the open market. On the buy-side, our clients rely on us to help them capitalise on hard to find opportunities. Our sell-side clients value our ability to find interested parties for big-ticket purchases such as whole communities or entire buildings.

Opportunity Structuring

When offered an opportunity, we study it in detail, pressing into service the world’s foremost experts in compliance, due diligence, finance, investment vehicles and real estate asset management. Where needed, we help repurpose existing assets into high-value investment opportunities that spur interest.

Turnkey Transaction Support

We support our clients at each step of the negotiation and finalisation process, working with their experts and consultants to reach clarity on final outcome. While some negotiations are simple cases of ownership transfer, others require us to get the regulatory support to change blueprints and master plans, and even the zone designations on particular assets. For greenfield land assets, we can take clients from feasibility studies and development and contractor management all the way to sales and post-completion handover.