Published 4 months ago · Updated 4 months ago

Thinking Outside the Box in this Current Investment Climate

Online Conference on June 2nd 2020

Mallorca Properties is the proud sponsor of Ritossa Family Office "Real Estate, Thinking outside the Box in this Current Investment Climate."
Sir Anthony Ritossa and the Ritossa Family Office bring together more than 1000 of the globe's most sophisticated investors, family offices and HNW allocators to discuss Real Estate opportunities in times of Covid-19.

Under the High Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoumthis event is taking place on Tuesday 2 June at 5 pm Dubai - 9 am NYC - 2 pm London - 9 pm Singapore.
Thank you so much to our Grand Ambassador Mohamed Al Ali, to our esteemed Chairman Hussein Sayed, CFA and all Panelists Grant Cardone, Ronald Barrott, Peter Rafferty, HADI AL ALAWI, Hamid Kerayechian, Dr S Shuja Ali, George Azar Nicola Greenaway for enlightening our families with your thought leadership."