Published 3 months ago

Time to be Creative

by Marc Prager Director International Business

We hear a lot about how these last 100 days have affected life forever for many people. This crisis has impacted people’s daily routine, their work, their exercise habits, their family organization and generally how they look at life, the fu...

Published 4 months ago

Is hotel property bargain hunting a realistic strategy?

Investors and Sellers expectations are difficult to align

One of the key take-outs from talking with panel put together by the Ritossa Family Office on June 2nd is the fact that there is an apparent disconnect between buyers and sellers expectations in the commercial real estate in general and hospitalit...

Published 4 months ago

Thinking Outside the Box in this Current Investment Climate

Online Conference on June 2nd 2020

Mallorca Properties is the proud sponsor of Ritossa Family Office "Real Estate, Thinking outside the Box in this Curr...

Published 4 months ago

New Business Model Opportunity in Real Estate

Coliving concept for executives

Real Estate players have all been scratching their heads over the past weeks to figure out what will be the long-lasting consequences of the Coronavirus for this industry. There are many papers and online conferences out there, with pundits giving...

Published 5 months ago

Mallorca participated virtual hotel investment summit

Organised by Bench Events About 5000 participants attended throughout the day.

Generally, participants humbly admitted in one form or the other that this is a new situation and nobody really knows, at this point, how this will unfold for the hospitality industry in the long t...