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We’re a boutique team specialising in high-end, and often private, real estate investment opportunities across Dubai.

Our forte lies in securing top-tier deals involving entire buildings, commercial assets or large land parcels that are not listed on the open market. We’ve been operating in Dubai’s real estate market since it opened up to freehold in 2002.

Think of us as your specialist concierge that supports you in gaining access to exclusive big-ticket private opportunities. We’re also a think tank comprising experts in real estate, finance and restructuring - helping you strategise the best use of your asset and formulate a plan covering its entire life cycle.

Clients value our discretion. They trust us to keep a low profile on their behalf. Suffice it to say that we’ve proved our capabilities through AED 10 billion in deals transacted.

You are in good hands

Meet Alex, known as Supercar Blondie, a social media celebrity, presenter, and vlogger with millions of followers across her social media channels, showcases the most iconic buildings, commercial properties and private islands in Dubai from the sky. She meets Fakhreddin Minooeifar, Founder and Chairman of Mallorca Properties who introduces Mallorca properties and they both discuss turnkey solutions and best investment options for investors in Dubai.

Mallorca Properties won the Luxury Real Estate Company in Luxury International Award Gala in Dubai, UAE on February 23rd 2019.

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Fakhreddin M Minooeifar

Founder and Chairman, Mallorca Properties

Member of International Real Estate Federation

Judge, Gulf Real Estate Awards 2019

Phone: +971 557 774 771


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